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Suppose you are the chairman of the Student Union in your university, and a lecture on garbage classification will be given in your school. Write an email to Mr. Brown, a professor in Environmental Science to

1)invite him to give the lecture, and

2)tell him about your arrangements.

Your should write about 100 words on the answer sheet.

Do not use your own name. Use “Li Ming” instead. (10 points)


Dear Mr. Brown,

On behalf of Fudan University, I am honored to invite you to attend the Green Festival in our school, which is designed to cultivate students’ awareness about environmental protection, to deliver a lecture named“Our Planet, Our Environment”.

The additional details about the lecture will be explained as follows. First, considering that garbage classification is a oft-debated topic this year, we primarily determined the popularization of garbage classification and its effects as the key point of the lecture. Besides, the event will be held next weekend.

Please confirm your availability on or before next Sunday by contacting me. We look forward to your presence on the lecture.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming








1. on behalf of...  代表...

2. be honored to do 很荣幸做某事

3. be designed to...  旨在...;被设计用来...

4. cultivate awareness 培养意识

5. deliver a lecture 发表讲座

※ deliver一词多义:发表;传送;给予;给…接生

6. oft-debated  热议的

7. confirm your availability 确认你是否有空

※ available除了指事物“可以获得的”,也可以指人“有空的”

8. presence 出席;存在

04 小作文预测之“求职”信

Suppose you are going to apply for an opportunity to be a volunteer at the China International Import Expo. Write an email to Recruitment Agency to

1)introduce yourself, and

2)explain why you are suitable for the post.

Your should write about 100 words on the answer sheet.

Do not use your own name. Use “Li Ming” instead. (10 points)


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Li Ming, a student from Fudan University. Having recently learned of the opportunity to be a volunteer at CIIE, I write this letter to contact you right away with my interest.  

My key strengths that would support my success in this position include the following points. First, I major in English in Fudan University, which has equipped me with excellent English speaking and writing skills. Besides, as the chairman, I have provided exceptional contributions to the Student Union with my strong communication and management ability. And I’ve attached my detailed resume.

Thank you for your time. I would be highly grateful if you could take me into serious consideration. Looking forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming








1.Having done 作状语从句

※ 分词作伴随状语的现在完成时态形式,举个例子:

Hearing the cry of the child, he rushed in immediately.(听到了孩子的哭声,他马上冲了进去),两个动作同时进行,范文中是这种句型的完成时态,表示前后动作的先后。

2.learn of 听说;知悉

3.with my interest 带着我的兴趣

4.equip v. 装备;配备

equip A with B 给A装备上B

5.exceptional  优越的;杰出的

※ exceptional contribution 杰出的贡献

6.attach  附上

7.take...into consideration 把...考虑在内

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